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What we do

Boost Mobile Ad Maker is the easiest to use self-serve tool for creating interactive mobile ads and promotional landing sites. The post-click tool lets anybody quickly make an interactive mobile campaign site with no technical or design skills needed. With several forms of call-to-actions, the tool is a powerful lead generator for any business or brand. An automated QR-code generator is built into the tool, opening for the mobile-enablement of other marketing campaign elements as well.

Campaign Creation Tool

FOR MARKETERS: Boost Mobile Ad Maker is a web-based do-it-yourself rich media solution for creating interactive mobile landing sites. In less than 5 minutes, you can create your own mobile campaign creative – no design or technical skills needed. Boost Mobile Ad Maker is an easy-to-use WYSIWYG tool with drag and drop functionality, with text editing tools similar to what you see in standard word processing programs.


Enabling Mobile Ad Revenue

FOR MOBILE PORTALS: We enable media companies and other mobile portal players to monetize on their mobile web traffic by helping them take their advertisers mobile. Boost Mobile Ad Maker, which can be white-labeled, is a web-based self-serve tool for creating interactive rich media mobile campaign sites. The solution is developed in cooperation with leading media companies around the world, we therefore have the business logics in place for any portal and content owner to leverage the tool.


White-label Solution

FOR MOBILE TRAFFICKERS: We help players in the mobile advertising space grow their value chain and strengthen their business models. If you are a provider of services trafficking mobile ads, you might benefit from integrating the Boost Mobile Ad Maker into your solution. We are open to white-label to ensure users accessing your solution have a one-brand experience.


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